About Us

No greater Christian fellowship can possibly be experienced upon the face of the earth than gathering with believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, who know what it is to have been redeemed from the despair of a lost condition before the Lord God, to gather and worship and praise, and give honor and glory to the Lamb of God who loved us and loosed us from our sins. We invite you to join us!

“Believers Chapel is committed to the Historical Evangelical
Christian Faith, Sovereign Grace, and Premillennialism"

The Bible changes individuals. It is by the Bible that we are sanctified. It is through the fellowship that we have with the Lord Jesus Christ in the Scriptures that we are transformed. This is the promise of the Word of God.

More On What We Believe

Believers Chapel is an assembly of professing believers, who under the oversight of elders, with deacons and gifted men, seek to glorify Jesus Christ through the preaching of the word and the observance of the Lord's Supper and baptism.

In 1961, four men, Dr. S. Lewis Johnson a professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, Harold Mims, Howard Prier, and James Deen, began meeting weekly to discuss the prospect of planting a new church in Dallas, TX. The principal topic of discussion was theological doctrine, but convinced that they were of one accord, the men next considered the practices of the church. Their prayerful conclusions regarding issues such as the nature of church meetings, the means of financial support, membership, and church governance would give shape to Believers Chapel.

Believers Chapel became an assembly of professing believers who, under the oversight of elders with deacons and gifted men, sought to glorify Jesus Christ through the preaching of the word, weekly observance of the Lord's Supper, and complete dependence upon the Lord for financial provision.

The church began meeting in the Spring of 1962 in the auditorium of Betty Hoffman School, a small private school in Dallas, TX. The fledgling congregation consisted of roughly 25 individuals. In 1969 the chapel moved to its current location on 6420 Churchill Way in order to meet the demands of a growing body. Dr. Johnson, widely esteemed as “a Biblical scholar and theologian of rare abilities," served as the primary teacher for the ministry of the word at Believers Chapel for over 30 years.

In 1993 S. Lewis Johnson stepped down from his role at the Chapel, and Dan Duncan, a former student of Dr. Johnson's, was called to fill the role as the primary teaching elder, a role he capably continues to the present. For over 50 years the church has proclaimed the good news of the Gospel throughout Dallas, the United States, and the world. Spanning its entire history, Believers Chapel has seen the Lord meet its every need.

“If Scripture is really the product of God working through men, we should expect it to be perfect, complete, inerrant.”
– S. Lewis Johnson Jr.
Elders, Deacons and Teachers
Dan Duncan
Senior Minister

Mr. Duncan was born in Kansas City and raised in Texas. He graduated from Texas Christian University and Dallas Theological Seminary. He has been involved in ministry at the Chapel since 1974 and is presently the teacher for the Ministry of the Word Service Sunday mornings.

Geoff Brown
Associate Minister

Geoff Brown is a Dallas native. He is a graduate of the University of North Texas, University of Houston, and Dallas Theological Seminary. He is a PhD student at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. As an Associate Minister, Geoff ministers primarily to Collegians, Singles, and Young Families. He and his wife Rebekah have one child, Kourtnie.

  • Mike Amis (Emeritus)
  • Sten Andersson
  • Mark Brunger
  • Dan Duncan
  • Jim Frazier
  • Larry Hairston (Emeritus)
  • Mark Newman
  • Harold Albertson
  • H.K. Berg
  • Steve Blodgett
  • Josh Casey
  • Tom Craft
  • Mike Farrell
  • Doug Freiberger
  • Steve Guckenheimer
  • James Harrell
  • Greg Hatch
  • Warren Malhiot
  • Val Mansfield
  • Mike Menefee
  • Shane O'Brien
  • Jack Perry
  • Will Pherigo
  • Lee Radford
  • Ray Smuland
  • Chuck Terrell
  • Seth Thatcher