Ministry of the Word

August 14, 2022

Now therefore are we all here present before God to hear all things that are commanded thee of God

Acts 10:33

We hope that prayer and expectant quietness begin with the opening notes of the prelude.

Sunday Schedule

9:30 am
Adult Sunday School
"Love Like God's Love"
Proverbs 23:26-24:6
Mike Black
9:30 am
"Peculiar People Class"
"The Cost of Covenant-Breaking"
2 Samuel 21:1-14
Geoff Brown
9:30 am
Junior High & High School Class
Alan Angeles
9:30 am
Children's Sunday School
Deuteronomy 6, 28
10:30 am
Ministry of the Word
"The Light Of The World"
John 8:12-20
Dan Duncan
11:45 am
The Lord’s Supper
Open Meeting


The Lord’s Supper will begin 10 minutes after the Ministry of the Word

We will be live-streaming the Sunday Ministry of the Word Service at 10:30 am.

You can watch or listen live, or view previously recorded sermons on YouTube.

Promotion Sunday is this Sunday, August 14. We invite parents to go with your children to their new classes to meet their teachers.

Save the Date: Sunday, September 25th is the date for our next Church-wide Luncheon following the Lord’s Supper service.

Everyone is invited to join us for Family Camp, September 30-October 2. Dr. Jeffrey Bingham, Dean of the School of Theology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary will be our speaker.

Upcoming Events