Ministry of the Word

July 19, 2020

Now therefore are we all here present before God to hear all things that are commanded thee of God

Acts 10:33

We hope that prayer and expectant quietness begin with the opening notes of the prelude.

Sunday Schedule

10:30 am
Ministry of the Word/The Lord's Supper
Rest For The Soul
2 Thessalonians 1:6-12

Dan Duncan

Dan Duncan will be live-streaming the
Sunday Ministry of the Word Service at 10:30 am.

"Following the live-streaming message, the Lord's Supper will be observed. We encourage and invite each member of our church family to join in this Memorial Supper. Please prepare the appropriate elements: simple crackers, juice or wine. Mark and Dan will lead the observance, giving thanks for the elements, and we all will participate together."

To listen, click here to live-stream.

If you miss the live-stream, you can view this sermon on YouTube by clicking here.


The elders and deacons have completed the guidelines for attendance at our combined Ministry of the Word and Lord's Supper services on Sunday mornings. In this initial phase, there is a registration procedure providing for up to 80 persons to attend. Registrations will be open each Monday at 12:00 noon after the first registration opens on Tuesday, June 16. Navigate to our website by clicking here, then click on the "events tab", then, on "Reopening the Chapel - Update No. 2" for the guidelines and the Registration Form to sign in for attendance.

Upcoming Events